Somewhere along my journey, I realized that I am lucky. It wasn’t an epiphany. It was more of an awakening about how things in my life turn out. An example:

When I was 27 and itching to start a company, I read about a local mentor program. I applied and was accepted. That was one of the luckiest things that ever happened to me. A few years later my mentor and I started a new company together called GovCon.  We grew it to be the largest business-to-goverment portal in the world and sold it four years later to a publicly traded company. I was 35 years and 2 weeks old at the time. In my wallet was a check I had written to myself three years prior for $1 million.  During my rough moments when I was feeling beaten down, I would take that check out as a reminder to myself that the pain was worth the goal.

The date on the check was my 35th birthday.  I had no way of predicting the timing of our successful company exit and it landed within 2 weeks of a mental goal I had set.  How did that happen? Was I insanely lucky? Or was the Law of Attraction pulling me toward my goal?

It turns out that having consistently good fortune is not a chance event. It is a mindset. I created this blog to share ideas and experiences that allow good fortune to permeate our lives. I hope you find it helpful in bringing about a positive change in yours. Please share your comments, thoughts and stories. Your words might create luck for someone just like you.

– Raj Khera

P.S.  Since the time I sold GovCon in 1999, I built other companies, MailerMailer and MoreBusiness.com.  Please visit my LinkedIn profile if you would like to know more about me or would like to connect.

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