The Biggest Mistake Your Appointment Setting Services Make

Appointment setting services can help to grow your business. To work well, you need to make sure you control every response they should make in their conversations with prospects. After all, they are representing your company, your brand.

First impression mistakes are very hard to overcome. You might do a great job in making a first impression. Perhaps you come across as helpful, informed, maybe even charismatic. When you hire appointment setting services, you aren’t the one making the first impression.appointment setting

The single biggest mistake that appointment setting services make that results in lost opportunities:

Inadequate training on what you offer

You hire appointment setters to make the initial contact with prospects and set up calls for demos or in-depth discussions. Think about it from the perspective of the recipient of one of these calls. What would you ask?

Whenever I get a call like this, I ask for details about the product or service being offered. If I can’t get enough clarity to see how it would make sense for my business, I decline any further follow up requests. This happens several times a month.

Just this week, I posed this question to a caller. The appointment setter on the phone couldn’t elaborate at all about the product or service, just that it would help my business. I dug deeper to find out specifically what the company does. She couldn’t answer so I simply replied “Sorry, if you’re unable to tell me what your product does, I won’t be able to get you on my calendar.” Her response stunned me: “Okay, thanks. Bye.” And that was it.

I could hardly believe it. The company who hired her could get access to so many opportunities, but their lack of adequately training their appointment setters is costing them business. They will probably decide that appointment setting services don’t work at all because they likely aren’t getting many responses from this untrained person. All she needed was enough understanding about the company’s products and services to answer some basic questions – like what it does and a few benefits that other clients are getting. She could have easily set up an appointment.

Instead, this company sent a poorly trained appointment setter to make their first impression. Major mistake! As you expand your marketing programs, look at every touch you make with prospects to ensure that you don’t have a gaping hole causing your marketing dollars to go down the drain. Your appointment setting services will only be as good as their ability to handle a prospect’s initial questions.

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