Keeping Busy as Hurricane Sandy Approaches

It’s Monday afternoon, October 29, 2012. Hurricane Sandy is expected to hit the east coast within a few hours. The effects of the wind and rain are already being felt up and down the coast, with power outages and flooding hitting one neighborhood after another.

If you are in Sandy’s path, you might be working from home today and tomorrow to ride out the storm as recommended by the state. That’s what I am doing in Maryland. If you still have power, and maybe even an Internet connection, here are a four ideas for keeping busy as we wait for the situation to return to normal later in the week:

  • Stay connected via web meetings. We hold our weekly staff meeting on Monday mornings. Last night, I emailed everyone to let them know that they can work from home today if they would like. We still held our staff meeting, this time using a web meeting service we subscribe to. We accomplished everything we normally would do. And now, the staff who is working from home, has all of the information they needed from our meeting to make it a productive week.
  • Catch up on your business reading. There are probably a lot of magazines and books that you’ve been meaning to read. Time away from physical meetings and interruptions at the office opens up a wonderful opportunity to increase your knowledge. Read, take notes and outline ideas to help you at work – keeping busy this way is easy.
  • Write. If you have a blog, write a post. If you are tossing around some planning ideas for 2013, crystallize them now. I know that I often get sidetracked with too many other activities and wish that I could spend more time writing articles that will help our clients. Take a few hours to create a checklist, article, tip or some other resource to share with your clients. They will appreciate it and you will feel good about creating it.
  • Play. Yes, play. This might be a rare chance to have your kids home due to school closures, no weekend activities and very little to do outside. Instead of feeling confined, keeping busy by telling stories about your experiences, talking about ambitions, and sharing your time and love is a beautiful way to spend your time.

The heaviest part of the storm will arrive very soon. Be sure that you’ve taken precautions to keep yourself and your family safe.

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