Limiting Beliefs: What Stops You?

Your limiting beliefs are holding you back. Even high achievers develop a hidden demon – a mental block that stops us from getting what we really want, from attaining what we would like realize, from naturally thinking we deserve better. This demon stops us before we can act. It’s the conversation that goes on in our heads, the negative self-talk that adds to our anxiety, the presumption that things always go an unlucky way. The demon is our limiting beliefs.

Everyone’s demons are different. They grew in our minds because of our experiences and what we were taught. Our beliefs can limit how we grow. There is a flip side to this. If we learn to expect that the normal path things take is positive and that we should just presume that we will get what we want, we would view the world in a completely different way. Imagine the mental freedom you would feel if your natural thought was “oh, I’ll get that client” or “it’ll work out – I’m confident about it.” You would be the luckiest person in the world. You would dispel the things that hold you back.

limiting beliefs

Knowing What Stops You

Knowing what stops you is the first step to overcoming your limiting beliefs. Here’s a technique I use to clarify my own limiting beliefs. It can help you figure what stops you from gaining ground toward a happier, luckier life.

  1. Write down something you want but don’t have. Some ideas:
    • Vacation to Hawaii
    • An advanced college degree
    • A new car
    • A better job
    • A house
  2. For each item, write down why you don’t have it now. Examples:
    • It’s no fun traveling alone
    • I can’t save enough money on my current salary and expenses
    • I probably wouldn’t get a loan for the amount I want
    • I don’t know how to start so I keep putting it off
    • It’s just a pipe dream anyway

There you have it. You now have a starter list of your limiting beliefs. These are the things that stop you from getting what you want and from being that lucky person you would like to be.

The Law of Attraction says that universe responds to you in kind with your thoughts. Thinking “I can’t buy a new car because I probably won’t get a loan” results in you achieving exactly what you expect: no loan, no car.

How to Get Lucky

There is an amazing opportunity here. Just knowing what to challenge about yourself gives you the power to redefine and reinvent. Take the next two steps:

  1. Think about – and write down – what you can do to remove each obstacle in your way. Start with “I can”:
    • I can join a singles travel club and meet people on the trip
    • I can explore student loans and scholarships; plus I can study hard to score really well on the admissions tests
    • I can find out about new opportunities within my current company, update my LinkedIn profile and check out job boards
    • I can learn how to start my own business by reading books and talking to others who have done it
  2. Create calendar entries to block off time and focus on what stops you. This one’s easy and very important (start with “I will”):
    • Next Monday after dinner, I will research singles travel clubs and sign up to attend their next meeting
    • Wednesday morning, I will call up all 5 of my local universities and find out the loan and scholarship requirements so I know what to shoot for
    • After work today, I will buy a book on writing a great resume and read it by Saturday; Sunday after breakfast I will create a new resume; Monday at 8:00 a.m. I will start my job hunt
    • This Saturday at noon, I will go to the library and check out books on starting a business; I will return to the library every 3 weeks when the books are due and check out more books so I know how to start
    • Friday morning at 9:00 a.m., I will identify 3 professional networking events to attend each month to grow my circle of contacts

Go ahead, do it. Overcome your limiting beliefs. What’s stopping you?

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