Think Big: Nobody Ever Got Very Successful by Thinking Small

The other day I was speaking with a small business owner who was tired of being an independent consultant. He wanted to grow his business.

think big

He was using all of the right words. “I know I can only make as much money as the hours I bill.  I need to hire more people so I can bill for their time, too,” he said with purpose.

It makes sense. If you provide a service, your product is the number of hours you work. The more hours you have, the more you can bill. He knew the only real way to scale a service business was to get more business so he could hire more people.

That’s when the conversation started to get little shaky.

Instinctively, he knew what he had to do to grow his business. He had to start spending more of his time on marketing and sales and leverage other people’s time for doing the actual service work. But he couldn’t get himself out of the “I have to do everything” mode. Nor was he open to the idea of digging into his wallet to invest in tools that would save him a tremendous amount of time so he could focus on the most important things.

There was a disconnect: he was talking big, but thinking small.

It’s going to be very difficult for him to grow his business until he outgrows the mentality of scarcity, both in terms of time and financial resources. He’ll stay a “do it yourselfer” till he starts to think big.

If you think that buying a Mercedes-Benz is too expensive, then it is. If you continue to think this way, then it always will be. But if you set a goal for yourself to buy a Mercedes-Benz by a certain date, and you really mean it, then you will figure out ways to earn the money you need. You are thinking big. When you think big, your actions are big. You aren’t scared of small investments of time and money because you see the payoff.

Stop thinking small thoughts. Think big and big things will happen.