The Go Giver – The Fast Way to Create Luck in Your Career

In social media, the concept of sharing takes center stage.  Those who succeed are those who do not post shameless plugs repeatedly. Rather, they consistently post information that is helpful to others without looking for an immediate return on their investment in time.The Go Giver

Bob Burg and John David Mann exemplify this concept of giving information in their best selling book, The Go Giver.  It is a business fable that you can read in a few hours and glean a lot of tips on how to manage your own career.  The main theme: help others first and they will help you.

If there was a fast way to create luck in one’s career, this would be it.  The main character’s primary objective is to figure out how to close a large account – the Big Kahuna.  He finds that through helping all those around him, other things in his word line up and he closes deals that make the Big Kahuna look small.  It is the Law of Attraction told as an enchanting story that shows you specific techniques to move ahead and fills you with inspiration to allow good fortune to flow your way.

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